Common questions and answers

Common questions and answers


How do I know if I need 5” or 6” gutters? It’s all based on your roof lines and roof square footage. The estimator will let you know what type of gutter he recommends.


What type of downspouts do you offer? We offer both 2×3 and 3×4 downspouts. We highly recommend mainly 3×4 because it’s able to withstand more water. Often times, homeowners want to select 2×3 downspouts to match what the builder installed. There’s not much of a price difference.


How do we determine the gutter color? The homeowner selects the color. The estimator will try to match the homes fascia to make it look nice and clean. Here’s a list of our colors, Available Colors – Texas Rain Gutters (


Is there a price difference on color? No price difference.


Do you paint the gutters? No, we purchase prebaked & colored aluminum in coil form then build the gutters onsite.


Do you recommend having someone paint the gutters if the color I want isn’t available? No, the Texas heat will end up peeling the paint and ruin your gutters. However, some homeowners choose to pain their gutters.


Are the gutters seamless? Yes, the gutters are seamless & custom built for your home.


Can I choose one color for the gutter and one color for the downspouts? Yes, you can.


Do estimates automatically include gutter guards and splash blocks? No, these are separate items. We carry two types of gutter guards. The splash blocks we carry are 11×18 concrete splash blocks.


How do you select the area where the downspout will be located? We find the spot by determining what area is the best based on flow and ground leveling.


How long does it take to install gutters? Every job is different it usually take a few hours.


Do I need to be present for the installation? No, all we ask is that you unlock any outdoor gates and put up any pets.


How can I pay? We accept cash, credit card, bank transfers, Zelle, venmo & checks.


Do you require a down payment? Yes, we require a 50% down payment


Are we insured? Yes, we are.


Do you offer a warranty? Yes, we offer a 5 year warranty on material and labor.


How often do you need to clean the gutters? We recommend at least twice a year but it really depends on the foliage in the area.


My HOA requires approval, Can you provide me with the necessary information to submit to my HOA? Yes, we can.