Gutters are necessary during what season?

Gutters are necessary during what season? Gutters are important year round. It’s easy to forget about gutters when you’re feeling the Texas heat but as the old saying goes, “When it rains it pours.” It sure does! When the rain starts, the swift floods follow and if you do not have a properly working gutter system installed on your home you may encounter costly structural water damage to your home. Gutters prevent landscaping erosions, cracked foundations, and more.

At Texas Rain Gutters, we understand it’s easy to forget about gutters until you need them. It’s our job to help you remember to install and maintain a properly working gutter system.

Of course, we recommend a monthly gutter check but a quarterly check-up is fine.

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Trunk or Treat

A few months ago, we had the pleasure of participating in a Trunk or Treat event. The event was organized by Round Rock ISD Partners in Education (PIE) and the Round Rock Police Department.

Hundreds of families were able to participate in a variety of activities including bounce houses, face painting, music, concessions and more.

We had a spook-tacular time participating in this event!

Do you need Gutters?

Did you buy or just happily living in your home last year? Does your home have gutters? Do you need gutters? Yes, every house needs a properly working gutter system. Homeowners often do not realize the importance of having a properly working gutter system on your home. Unfortunately, gutters are frequently overlooked by homeowners because they are simple low maintenance structures.

Gutters are used to funnel rainfall from your roof top. Once in the gutter, the water is funneled down the downspout and on to the ground where it’s directed away from your homes foundation.

Without gutters, water can become waterlogged and can cause damage to the structure of your home. Improper rainwater drainage causes soil erosion, brick staining, and rotting fascia, just to name a few.

Gutters funnel gallons of water away from your home year round. Protect your investment. Protect you home.

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